Price: $15

Seller: EBPC
State: Florida
City: Boca Raton
Zip code: 33432
Type: Animals

EBPC is committed to providing your dog with exceptional care because we absolutely love dogs. We believe all dogs should live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.
15-minute walk:
(Created for dogs who only need a quick relief.)
30-minute walk:
(A standard walk that allows your dog to stretch and exercise while you're away.)
60-minute walk:
(Ideal for the dog with an extra boost of energy who relieves frustration and boredom on furniture and shoes.)
Have an additional dog? No problem! We can walk your dogs together for an additional $5.
Each time we pick up your dog, we will send you a confirmation email/call and we will also supply free online photos & dvd videos of your dog's daily adventures at the end of the visit.
Phone: 410.710. E-mail: