Price: $20

Seller: Tajahya Brako
State: Florida
City: Boca Raton
Zip code: 33428
Type: Animals

Metos is a sweet cat. He loves attention, cuddling, and affection. He is a very curious cat and he loves playing with toys. Metos is a 9 months old orange tabby. He also likes being outdoor sometimes but if you offer this make sure you have a closed in porch or balcony that he could not escape. I have had Metos ever since he was 2 months old and I hate that i have to set him up for adoption, but i travel a lot and i dont want to keep leaving him. Metos is looking for a good home to go to with a nice family that can give him the love and attention that every cat needs. (:
To ensure the safety of Metos leaving to a good home we are asking for a $20 adoption fee. This will include his litter-box and scooper, food/water dish, his brush, and all of the cat food and toys we have left for him.
I hope you consider adopting Metos, any family would be lucky to have him. :D